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Our mission at TWIREX is to revolutionise the trading environment. We strive to facilitate the communication between experts and novice traders looking for guidance.

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Trade with total confidence.

Using a proprietary rating system and accountability markers, TWIREX identifies and allows users to review and deal with only the most credible experts with a proven track record of successful signals.


Easily share your skills and earn more with Twirex.

TWIREX's many features make it easy for trading experts to share trading advice and signals with a wider audience and manage a large number of subscribers.

We've built a streamlined, convenient, one-stop-shop solution that lets you manage your signals easily, track your progress, and collect payment - all in one location.

Twirex is a fully integrated online platform
for Traders and Experts.

We are the world's first online trading community where new traders can connect with experts, get professional advice, and get payments sent and received safely. With our easy-to-use interface, users can now easily monitor results, progress and updates.

Verified, Trustworthy Trading Experts

Twirex has the largest number of trusted expert

Signals Shared

And counting!

New Traders

Every day, novices seeking trading advice trust Twirex to connect them with the best experts.

Successful Deals

We are the only platform tracking the success of deals from experts.

Introducing Twirex

A Community for Novice and Expert Traders to Come Together.

Messages, notifications, deals, all under one convenient profile

Enjoy the convenience of adedicated dashboard that organizes your notifications, messages, and deals all in one central location. Under a single profile, free deals will be displayed, and paid subscribers will have access to a private feed.


Showcase your talent on our platform,we'll help you grow

Twirex's many features enable experts to reach a wider audience and gain more subscribers. Experts can track key metrics like conversion rates, number of successful deals, and earnings all in one place.


With Twirex,save time and money with automated payment processing.

Twirex handles all aspects of the payment process between experts and their subscribers. From subscription renewals, reminders, tracking, and payment receipts, we take care of everything.


Easy,centralized, automated payments.

Enjoy a secure payment process and only send payment to verified trading, and crypto-currency experts. Free up time by using automated subscriptions so you can focus on trading .


Only subscribe and receive notifications to targeted deals

With Twirex, you can now focus your attention on finding, and monitoring only the most promising signals and crypto trends. With our intuitive interface, all your signals are grouped together on a single page containing only the deals you want to follow.


Deal with complete confidence.

Twirex's rating system and accountability tracking tools help you identify and work with only the best talent. Before allowing an expert to share deals, Twirex verifies their identity and expertise.


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